Welcome to Barnet Judo Club

Hero Image, will vary and could show club member group shots or an action shot by a club member.


Whilst we cannot use the dojo, training has not stopped. We are hosting free Zoom sessions on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you wish to join, please get in touch!


The club coaches, administrators and management committee extend a hearty welcome to all our guests, new members and parents/carers.

Whatever your age, whether you're a complete novice or dan grade, you are more than welcome to come along and join us.

Online Membership

It's now possible to pre-register as a newcomer and complete renewals online. Go to https://membermojo.co.uk/barnetjudo.

Training Times


Primaries (6-9 year old): 1830-1930
Juniors (10-15 year old): 1830-1930
Seniors (16+ year old): 1930-2100


Primaries (6-9 year old): 1830-1930
Juniors (10-15 year old): 1930-2100
Seniors (16+ year old): 2100-2230