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Primaries: 6:30 - 7:30 pm
Juniors: 7:30 - 9:00 pm
Seniors: 9:00 - 10:30 pm
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Read the full story about Simon's coaching course in Lao

"On the morning of the first day of the course I met the local senior coach from Japan, Masakuni

Bando 5th Dan, representatives of the Lao Judo Federation and Lao Olympic Committee and those who were to

attend the course over the next 10 days..."

Read the full story about Simon's coaching course in Lao

Read the full story about Simon's Coaching Course in Laos

"At about 2.30 in the afternoon on Saturday 5th May, 2012, Ashley Gaitley dropped me off at Terminal 1 Heathrow Airport. I could have been preparing to watch the FA cup final, however I was on my way to Vientiane, the capital of Lao PDR, via Frankfurt and Bangkok.

I had been asked, by the International Judo Federation no less, to visit Laos and to conduct a course designed to educate the local coaches - to assist in the development of Judo in this quite poor country...."

Read the full story about Simon's Coaching Course in Laos.

Barnet Judo has been teaching and coaching Judo for many years in Barnet, North London, catering for those who want to participate in judo as recreational or as an elite sport.

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The current club structure has highly qualified coaches both teaching beginners and also coaching more experienced judoka who are in training for national competitions.

Judo at Barnet Judo is taught traditionally under the guidance of the British Judo Council.

Judo was formulated by Jigaro Kano in Japan over 100 years ago and we at Barnet Judo believe that the traditions, history and ideals of the original founder are as important today as they were when Judo was first conceived.

Apart from the obvious benefits that can be obtained by practising judo like general well being and fitness, judo can improve other individual skills like - Self-confidence, mental maturity and strength, discipline and dedication and a sense of community.

You will never know if you like judo until you try it out - all the instructors at Barnet Judo will be only too delighted to talk to you about all that we offer - so come all and take a look.

Visit the British Judo Council website Barnet Judo is a member of the British Judo Council.


Sprt England Clubmark website Barnet Judo is working towards Sport England Clubmark accreditation.


Barnet London Borough Barnet Judo is awarded Celebration of Sport 2009 "Club of the Year" runner up by Barnet London Borough.

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