Our Coaches and Staff

Simon Mazzullo

7th Dan – Head Coach

Leading the coaching team is Simon Mazzullo who has a wealth of experience. Sporting over 45 years experience practicing Judo, over 40 of those have been spent coaching Judoka. As well as Barnet Judo Club, Simon holds key positions with the British Judo Council and the BJC British Judo Foundation. During his illustrious Judo career, Simon has won many medals including holding the UK National Champion title.

Lukasz Klimek

4th Dan – Assistant for All Groups

A highly decorated Judoka, Lukasz has over 20 years experience practicing and competing in Judo. Helping coach Judoka at Barnet for the last 5 years, he brings a wealth of competition knowledge and techniques. Crowned UK National Champion twice, Lukasz has also represented Poland in the Veterans European Championships.

Marios Potamitis

1st Dan – Assistant Coach

Marios is another of our coaches with over 10 years experience of Judo, including being level 2 FPJ qualified. He’s been involved with Barnet Judo Club for many years and is passionate to see it succeed.

John Burke

1st Dan – Assistant for All Groups

John brings over 10 years experience of Judo with the last two focused on coaching. John practices and coaches Judo for the enjoyment of the sport.

Chris Grilli

1st Kyu – Under 10’s Group Coach

As a Junior, Chris was a successful Judoka having earned gold in London area competitions. With over 30 years experience of Judo, the primaries group respond well to his coaching. Chris is assisted by a couple of our juniors, Oliver and Sebastian as part of their personal development.

Mark Lewis

2nd Kyu – Under 18’s Assistant, Club Administrator

Mark started out as a Junior many years ago, after a long break returned to the mat when his eldest son was old enough. In a new area of the country, he found Barnet Judo Club and very quickly it became his home. Returning to the mat, he has been working his way up through his grades whilst helping with the running of the club and becoming a fully qualified British Judo Council coach.